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ThermaRay Electric Radiant Heat

ThermaRay Radiant Electric Heat Panel

SmartRooms by ThermaRay

SmartRooms by ThermaRay, the world’s leader in radiant heat technology, has developed the most environmentaly responsible and least costly heating solutions available by using digital programable thermostats with clean efficient radiant heat panels and radiant floor systems. Miller Electric has been the national distributor and local installer of these systems for over 30 years.

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Product brochures are available on our downloads page. You can find complete information on ThermaRay smart room systems with a visit to the ThermaRay web site. Just click the button below to open the site in a new window.

Advantages of Radiant Electric Heat

Do you want a heating system that is:

  • Able to Provide precise control in each room
  • Free of potentially dangerous fumes and gases
  • Comfortable
  • Quiet
  • Odorless
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally “green”
  • Maintenance free
  • Space saving

Facts about electric radiant

Electric radiant ceiling heating and electric radiant floor heating systems offer these advantages and more. Plumbing and heating expert, Richard Trethewey of This Old House TV show thinks radiant heat is “the best system a house can have”.

“No radiators clanking in the night. No vents whooshing like a jet preparing for takeoff. No dust-spewing ductwork to run up your allergists’ bills. Just an even blanket of heat, right where you want it.”

The U.S. Department of Energy says:

“Unlike other types of radiant heating systems, radiant panels have very low heat capacity and have the quickest response time of any heating technology. Because the panels can be individually controlled for each room, the quick response feature can potentially result in cost and energy savings compared to other systems when rooms are infrequently occupied: when entering a room, the occupant can increase the temperature setting and reach a comfortable level within minutes.”

Researchers at the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) Research Center found that heating a space with ceiling mounted radiant panels produced energy savings of 33% compared to a heat pump (forced air system) and 52% compared to baseboard heaters (convection system).

Comfort Cove Electric Radiant Heat

Comfort Cove Wall Unit

Comfort Cove Wall Mounted Radiant Heater

Comfort Cove heaters offer an easy and cost effective solution for retrofitting existing baseboard heat installations. The radiant heat units are mounted high on the wall, near the ceiling, giving you more flexibility in furniture placement.

They offer all the advantages of radiant heat listed above.

Check out the Comfort Cove web site for more details the product.

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